The Racine Coalition for Peace and Justice believes that social justice is a requisite for true and lasting peace. Peace among peoples and nations requires just relations among peoples and nations. We believe that justice requires the following:

1. Respect among peoples and nations. This means that one state or community should not intervene unilaterally in the internal affairs of another, either directly or indirectly. Humanitarian interventions require the sponsorship of legitimate international organizations.

2. National sovereignty is not supreme: effective international institutions and agreements are necessary for just relations among peoples and nations.

3. Human rights must be respected, both domestically and internationally. The basic human rights charter is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

4. We oppose terrorism, which we understand as violence or the threat of violence against civilians for political purposes. We likewise oppose the support of terrorism, financially and otherwise, direct or indirect, and cooperation with the sponsors of terror .

5. We support international economic integration and just commercial relations among nations when these are to the benefit of communities and workers, both at home and abroad, especially for developing nations. The elimination of constraints on international commerce must not damage environmental quality, at home or abroad.

6. We urge respect for non-citizens among us, and for their rights, and for all people of whatever race or national origin, citizens and non-citizens.

7. Alternative voices should be encouraged and heard.

8. Dissent is not a breach of loyalty.

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