Dear Volunteers plus a few Still Thinking,
We are very happy to see such enthusiasm!  Bill Earley our Racine Organizer has asked me to write to you with some exciting news.
As you know we will be gathering signatures in Racine for United to Amend, a grassroots, non-partisan volunteer based movement to combat the dominance of moneyed interests and restore our country to “We The People.”
The exciting news is that the Wisconsin State Organizer, George Penn will be with us this coming Wednesday, November 2nd, at Gateway, Room 207 in the Tech Building. George is a superb organizer, he is passionate about restoring democracy and will give an inspiring presentation from 10 to 11am.
However if you are a recent recruit we suggest that you come in at 9am for the “hands on” briefing and then stay for the presentation.  There are rules and procedures we have to follow in gathering signatures.
Other times you can come in for a clear excellent “hands-on” briefing by Bill Earley are:  Wednesday November 2nd1-2:30pm
Thursday November 3rd, 9 to 11am, 1-1:30pm
Friday November 4th, 1 to 2:30pm.
He will also be present at the Hopes Center, 521 6th St., on Thursday from 7 to 8:30, the same time as the RCPJ meeting.
1.  You suggested it.  Our shifts have been changed to 3 hour shifts.
2.  Shifts will be at the busiest polling places at the busiest hours.
3.  Yes, we will have a table and a chair (or 2 chairs ) for you.
4.  Bill has met with the City Clerk who has approved our presence right outside, as close as 10 feet from the door of the polling place.
5.  Bill will be meeting with the Chief of Police so they will be aware of us.
Hoping to see you Wednesday morning!
Elaine Marie Kinch
PS:  Invite your friends to gather signatures with you, and bring them to the presentation and a briefing!  The more signatures, the better.

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