Dr. Castillo speaking at Siena Center

Dear Activists,
Dr. Castillo was one of our most beloved speakers a few years ago at the George Bray Center. He is helping to build community-based healthcare in one of the most remote, rural and poor areas of Honduras. He will speak in the Siena Center Chapel at 10am on Monday the 28th of September.
If you want to help him “Raise the Roof” (see below) bring along some cash and/or your check book. We will be passing the hat in the Chapel. Hoping to see you, Elaine for RCPJ/CASC

The Garifuna community is building the first ever out-patient facility in the region, the Ciriboya Medical Center. The community-based center empowers the community, particularly women, in addition to providing previously non-existent health services for the poor. In 2013, Dr. Castillo began construction on two more buildings at the center; a Birthing Center and a Surgery Center. The Surgery Center construction is the furthest along. It is in urgent need of a roof, before the rainy season in October.
Dr Luther Castillo is a leader of the Garifuna people, descendants of Africans who escaped from the Atlantic slave trade and intermarried with Indigenous peoples of Central America. The star of the inspiring documentaries, “Revolutionary Medicine” and “Salud!”, he is one of the first Garifuna doctors in Honduras, and founder of the first Garifuna hospital, run by the community.
——Dr. Castillo was president of the first graduating class of Cuba’s renowned international school of medicine, the ELAM.
——-He arranged for international brigades to serve in remote areas of Honduras.
——-Until the coup in 2009, he served as Director of Foreign Cooperation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Honduras.
——-Following the earthquake in Haiti, January 2010, he led a team of 728 doctors from 26 different countries providing medical services to the Haitian peoples, as Director and Coordinator of the International Medical Brigade for the Haitian earthquake.
——-Dr. Castillo continued his studies at Harvard University in Public Administration at the John F. Kennedy School of Government.
——-He lectures widely on health care and human rights in Central America, Europe and the US.
——-Dr. Castillo designed the bill for National Health Care Reform and served as the National Commissioner of Health for Honduras.


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